29 November 2016, the building of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan on the eve of the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, within the framework of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the country, and 25 star days "Uly Dala Eli - 25 bases of Independence" held the round table on the achievements of country and its leader named "Manifesto by Nursultan Nazarbayev "World. XXІ century", participated by the chairmen of ethnocultural associations, members of the scientific and expert group, the council of elders and mothers, the youth wing of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of the region, teachers of city schools, students and soldiers of the military-technical school. The event organizer was the Secretariat of the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and Municipal Public Institution «Kogamdyk kelisim». The round table was opened by the head of MPI «Kogamdyk kelisim» Gaukhar Sherniyazova, she congratulated the participants on the upcoming holidays, and noted that this holiday all Kazakhstan people are united by common ideas of formation of our Independent States, speak of the President’s merits with pride.

The Chairman of the Elders Council «Birlik» of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Erkin Kurmanbek addressed the youth, saying:

- Now you are living in a wonderful time, you have not lived in a time when life was hard, the economy was collapsed, and the shop shelves were empty. But thanks to the wise policy of the President, our state was recovered, lift the economy. Today, we have entered into the 50 most competitive countries of the world. We are faced with even greater challenges, according to the plan of the nation «Mangilik El» we must join the 30 developed countries around the world. And we may do it, - he said.

The round table was held in an open discussion format, and participants of the event spoke in support of the Manifesto by the Head of the State "World. XXI Century ", which has already gained the status of an official document of the General Assembly and the UN Security Council, which confirms the high prestige of the President in the international community.

- The manifesto is an anxiety of our leader for the next generation, for their peaceful and nuclear-free existence. Nazarbayev's initiative has received the support of the world, and support of every citizen of Kazakhstan! - concluded the participants of the round table.

Press Office
of MPI
«Kogamdyk kelisim»
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