This year marks 27 years of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. This date is common for all the CIS countries, and noted in our Republic. Pursuant to the Plan of the nation's "100 steps to the implementation of the five institutional reforms Nazarbayev" with the support of the regional akimat opened the office for the public association "Union of veterans and invalids of war in Afghanistan" in the building of the House of Friendship.

According to the chairman of the public association Kartbek Duisenbaev, about 700 veterans are living in the Mangistau region. Now they can to rally and unite all veterans under one Shanyrak. It is no coincidence that the account was opened in the House of Friendship, for the purpose of this association is unity and friendship.

- It employs representatives of many ethnic groups; we plan to work with them in the same direction. We are internationalists, and of course we will take an active part in activities that promote unity and harmony. We must unite and work together: to support young people to carry out patriotic actions in schools. For veterans this is opportunity to participate in the social life of the city, we are very happy about this - said Satpayev Kulsary, chairman of the public association of veterans of the Afghan city of Zhanaozen.

In the continuation of the event veterans held their first meeting in the conference-hall of the House of Friendship, and excursion was organized to the Museum of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

- Today is a special day, a happy event for us. Thanks to the oblast akimat, we can more effectively work for the purpose of education and a strong spirit of the young generation of the body, ready at any moment to come to the defense of the motherland. I want to thank on behalf of all veterans of the Afghan war - said the veteran of the Afghan war and the chairman of the public association "Union of veterans and invalids of war in Afghanistan" Kartbek Duysembaev.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» Mangistau region

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