People are main wealth of Kazakhstan! (Day of Culture Finno-Ugric Peoples in Pavlodar)

Kazakhstan - a country with a long history, which stores the descendants of thousands of names, the most worthy sons and daughters who have made a contribution to the establishment of the country. Country where cherish the traditions of their ancestors, which are able and like to welcome guests, where people respect their neighbors, and able to make friends and to appreciate the peace, unity and harmony.

Last weekend in the city park all visitors and residents of the city welcomed the numerous participants of the regional Finno-Ugric ECO in the annual summer festival “We live in one family." Festival "We live in a single family" for many years brings joy to both participants and spectators, it brings us one of the most important concepts: We are united people of Kazakhstan! The event was held under the auspices of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

March 31 center celebrated a year from the day it was decided to include the Finno-Ugric center of the assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Pavlodar region. During 1 year of the Finno-Ugric center includes 79 people 7 nationalities: Hungarians, Komi-Permian, Mari, Mordvinians, Udmurt, Finns, Estonians. These are people of different ages and interests, but they are all united by the desire to explore the traditions and customs of their ancestors more deeply and to transfer this knowledge to their children and grandchildren.

In the center works the Council of Elders, headed by veteran labor Alexander Bollo, Council of mothers under the guidance of Valentina Ivanova, youth wing - the leader Oleg Nikolashin, home studio "Finno-Ugric souvenir" – headed by Elena Tutasova. Every week center members have an hour lesson of the Udmurt language.

During the year, the center has established ties with the Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples of the Russian Federation, with the Finno-Ugric centers of Omsk, Saransk Republic of Mordovia, Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Republic of Finland, Lahti, with the Finno-Karelian center of Almaty.

During the first half of 2016 the center conducted 37 events. The most interesting of which are: participation in the World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples in Lahti, Finland, signing an agreement on cooperation with the Omsk regional Finno-Ugric cultural center, poetry contest "I am grateful to my motherland", devoted to Day of gratitude" and a drawing competition "I am citizen of Kazakhstan, I am part of the Assembly", dedicated to the birthday of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, with the participation of ethno-cultural associations, school of national revival K.Darzhumana, high schools and universities of the city. This is the 1st city competition on arts and crafts and artistic creativity among the convicted people, successful performance in the regional festival "Siberian Finnougoriya 2016! With the tercentenary, Omsk!", Events in the framework of the project "Etnosource of wellness"

In his speech the Head of the Secretariat, the deputy chairman of the regional APK Zhetpysbaev Seisembay congratulated the members of the Finno-Ugric ЭКО and all the guests of the event with the holiday and wished choreographic and vocal ensembles center great creative achievements. Numerous active participants of association and the heads of creative teams were awarded for active participation in the strengthening of friendship and inter-ethnic harmony in the Pavlodar region, for their contribution to the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of the country and education of Kazakhstan patriotism.

The organizers really tried for the day of culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples stay on memory of everybody. Strong and confident men were able to test themselves on the controversial site on Mordvinian contest "Aksha Kelu" - white birch. The task of the participants was to sit as much time holding on to the shoulders five-foot birch log, which weighs at least 30 kg.

Useful sports theme continued presentation of Finnish ECO jogging club. Finnish jogging - a unique sports, which is for people of any age, in any complexion. At this day, starting from the scene, a lot of Finnish jogging club members passed Presidential mile.

In her speech, the chairman of the regional Finno-Ugric ECO  Nikolashina Olga noted the great achievements of the country during the years of independence. "This date - a symbol of unity and harmony, the creative labor of millions of people of Kazakhstan. Independence of Kazakhstan history - a bright path of victories and achievements, the formation and affirmation of our state. Moreover, we are confident that a lot of initiatives and achievements ahead of us, together with the leader of the nation we are waiting for new victories and achievements! I wish all guests a holiday of good health, good luck and well-being, and each "Shanyrak" peace and understanding ", - she said.

All the creative teams of the ECO attended the concert program. Among them is the family ensemble "Esne", which became the winner of the regional competition "Siberian Finnougoriya 2016! With the tercentenary, Omsk! » where they conquered not only the jury, but also the Omsk sophisticated audience. On that day, they gave the audience a pep song "Vasya-Vasilek" and Mordovian folk song "Moksha kraynyay". As a soloist of the ensemble "Esne" Nikolashin Oleg began to sing the song "Aspanga karaymyn", enthusiastic people rushed into a dance. After his speech, a storm of applause did not stop for a long time and the viewers asked for more.

Xenia Deliahmetuglu performed on the cello Mordovian folk song "Aksha lov". Students of National Revival School named by Kanat Darzhuman read poems about the homeland in the languages ​​of the Finno-Ugric peoples. In addition, as part of the festival was performances by the vocal trio "Pyro" (Feast), choreographic ensemble "Samruk" under the direction of Svetlana Zubkova and vocal trio "Oshmes", who performed Udmurt, Finnish, Mordvin, Mari and many other songs.

There is a good proverb: "Poems and songs are not enough to be full." Especially for all the guests of the festival ECO women have prepared a notable Udmurt barley porridge and jelly. In addition, for dessert, all were treated by fragrant apples.

Aytpaev Maksat

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