In Mangistau region started a cultural and educational project "Myn Bala". 16th September of the current year, within the framework of the state social order, public fund "Shuakty Olke" held a presentation of the project among the teachers in the secondary school №17 of the city of Aktau.

"Myn Bala" - a project that will allow thousands of preschool and school children of different ethnic groups to plunge into the Kazakh language and cultural environment, to study the state language, to learn Kazakh history and culture, traditions and rituals.

The purpose of the project - to train thousands of children of various ethnic groups of the state language by the method of accelerated learning languages "Tildaryn" with an innovative methodical complex "Sikyrly Kalam" and other advanced linguistic techniques.

During the presentation, the head of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» of akim of Mangistau oblast Dzhaylhanova Amangul Abdigalievna told about the directions, goals and objectives of the project. It calls on teachers to fruitful cooperation in the implementation of the project and to take an active part in improving the quality of teaching the state language.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» AA MO

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