August 28, in the city park of culture and recreation was held a grand event in the annual summer festival "We live in one family". The event was organized by NGO "Cultural center. Belarus ". The program is dedicated to beloved Kazakhstan, Pavlodar region where Belarusians live more than a hundred years and the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Belarusians feel themselves citizens of the country, their contribution to the construction of a modern sovereign state has been repeatedly recognized at the highest level. Belarus never forgets to help the brotherly people at the time of trial, and in Kazakhstan we appreciate the contribution of the Belarusians in the economy, science and culture.

Many Belarusians forever linked their lives and destiny with the blessed Kazakh land. Here were born their children, grandchildren, who today continue the work of their fathers and grandfathers.

On this beautiful day at the festival of Belarusian melodies and songs, colorful costumes the participants recreated a real atmosphere and color of the Belarusian folk festival.

Summer overstepped sultry age and now hot days are changed with cool nights. Traditionally, this days Belarus celebrate the first day of the harvest. The beginning and the end of the harvest season is solemnly celebrated by all the people, the whole village and every family. It is called one of the oldest agricultural festivals of the year - Zazhinki. It was believed that what will zazhin, and are "Zazhinki". Harvest summarizes multi-day work of man. With the beginning of the harvest comes a great holiday.

On Zazhinki people went in the morning before sunrise, or dusk and started to reap the first sheaf - "gaspadarok", considered by a name day. Usually the ceremony was performed by the oldest woman in the family. Gaspadarki were decorated with flowers and carried into the house with songs and placed in the red corner under the icons. Since that started autumn. Grains of the first sheaf considered healing for humans and birds.

In the evening, each family arranged a dinner, made of food brought from the field. People sang holy songs, ate bread loafs of first harvest and bowed low to mother earth.

This day the feast was attended by many guests. Among them were creative teams: ensemble "Krynica" (artistic director Oleg Lenski), dance group "Zhauranachak" (artistic director Zaitseva Ilona Ivanovna), people's amateur ensemble "Nadzeja" (artistic director Puchek Tatiana), soloists, narrators, who have repeatedly been winners of municipal and regional cultural festivals. With a storm of applause were greeted guests from the Ekibastuz and Irtysh Pavlodar regional branch of ethnocultural association "Belarus".

Irtysh area is a fruitful region, for this reason on Zazhinki, a team from Irtysh area brought a sheaf reaped in Irtysh region, which was taken by Rak Vasily, Chairman of the Council of Elders Belarus" Association ", a man who loves the soil and work on it. After the handover ceremony, the bread loaf of new harvest was shared among the guests of the event.

People presented thanked the chairman of the regional Belarusian ECO "Belorussia" – Bognat Lyubov. "Today Belarussians celebrate great "svyato", the first sheaf is prepared! So, prosper our land! With the hard work you give the sun to the skies, and preserve peace"- said Lyubov Ivanovna. Also on behalf of the Irtysh community she congratulated all Belarusians with Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, wished long life, peaceful sky and Belarusian ''dobrobyta'' ( prosperity) .

Aytpaev Maksat

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