Republican campaign "Ak ORAMAL" IN MANGYSTAU REGION

In order to ensure the promotion of the Manifest "Peace. XXI Century ", the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Mangistau region has launched a republican action – "Ak oramal".

"Ak oramal" is translated "white scarf", in the history of Kazakhstan it has a deep philosophical meaning.

White is a symbol of purity; purity of thought, purity of soul; it is a symbol of motherhood the color of mother's milk, the basis of human life; it is a symbol of honor, honesty, loyalty and a word of chastity.

At the cornerstone of the action "Ak oramal" is an ancient custom when women exposed her head, and threw a handkerchief between the conflicting parties, the conflict between the parties had to stop.

The purpose of the action is the consolidation of all citizens, regardless of ethnic origin, social, religious or other affiliation, the idea of ​​peace through the participation in "Ak oramal" action.

May 5, 2016 in the city of Aktau KSU "Қoғamdyқ kelіsіm" Mangistau region akim organized an event on presentation of white handkerchiefs from the hands of mothers to young brides at the moment of marriage registration.

To throw the white scarf was invited respected mother-heroine Satalieva Aқan. She wished the newlyweds family happiness and to become an example for the younger generation in every way to maintain peace and harmony regardless of their ethnic origin, religious beliefs and social differences.

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