Press service of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm"August 29, 2016 in the House of Friendship of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Karaganda region within the framework of the celebration of the Constitution Day was held a round table "Azat eldin Ar-Namys Ata Zan" under the chairmanship of akim of the region Nurmukhambet Abdibekov.

The purpose of the event is to strengthen public consciousness and the role of importance of the Constitution as the source of the law in the state, which has supreme legal force to ensure construction of a democratic and legal state, as well as a special historical role of the First President of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation N.A. Nazarbayev in the establishment of Kazakhstan's statehood.

The event was attended by representatives and heads of state agencies, departments, Maslikhat deputies, representatives of the clergy, the chairmen of ethnocultural associations, members of the Regional Assembly of the Mothers Council of Kazakhstan, members of the scientific and expert group of the Regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, veterans, Olympic champions, workers, entrepreneurs and the media.

During the event in the lobby of the House of Friendship was organized an exhibition of arts and crafts. The festival "Onermіz, sagan Kazakhstan" was held with the representatives of different areas of art, to link their work with the Kazakh culture presented at the exhibition, one could observe felt paintings and musical instruments. Festival participants contributing to the development of Kazakh culture, represent the peace and harmony of different ethnic groups in multinational Kazakhstan.

At the opening session of the round table Nurmukhambet Abdibekov began his speech congratulating all citizens and visitors, as well as participants with Independence Day of Kazakhstan and the Day of Constitution. "There is no doubt that the course taken by us under the leadership of the Head of State and will be continued and strengthened. The guarant of future success is our Basic Law – Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan ", - he said in his speech.

During the round table the head of the socio-economic development of the Karaganda region awarded activists, community leaders and government officials with letters of thanks.

In his speech, Vice-rector of Karaganda University "Bolashak", member of the scientific expert group of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Karaganda region Gulnar Rysmagambetova noted that the Constitution is the legal expression of the core values ​​that define the face of modern Kazakhstan. During the whole period on the basis of the Constitution were adopted 1900 laws, and it is an indicator of the correct development of the state and society. Of great importance is not only the text of the document, but its actual implementation, not only a set of rights and freedoms and institutions that are provided, but also the way they are implemented and functioning.

In addition, Gulnar Musievna said that the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and its legal status is a unique institution of civil society, which has gained the status of "national authority of diplomacy" during independence.

In turn, Olympic champion Elmira Syzdykova congratulated everyone on the Constitution Day and thanked the audience for their support at the Olympic Games. Also, the athlete expressed pride for the young and successful homeland, known throughout the world and wished all the participants of the round table a peaceful sky over ones head, harmony and stability. "The quest for new victories is in the name of prosperity of our Motherland and will lead us to even a greater success!", - She said in conclusion of the speech.

Vladika Sebastian also congratulated the audience with the holiday and noted that Kazakhstan is a secular state, which makes it possible for every citizen not only to perform the sacred rites of his faith, but also to practice it in front of other people, to educate children in the spirit of traditional philosophical concepts values ​​and open up opportunities for the representatives of different faiths. He thanked the Head of State, running the country wisely for all these years, for his contribution to preservation of peace and harmony among more than 140 ethnic groups and 40 confessions.

Summing up the results of the round table, participants noted that the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a key to stability, peace and harmony in the country, unshakable foundation of democratic development of our state.

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