Round table devoted to Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan

The event was organized by management on development of languages and Kostanay regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

The participants - representatives of the communities of the KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" for the development of language management of education, the media - discussed the role of ethnic and cultural associations to preserve and develop their native language and culture. Today at KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" are 9 Sunday schools teaching Kazakh, Ukrainian, Polish, Korean, Tatar, Armenian, German, Hebrew and Azerbaijani languages.

- All conditions are made to the representatives of different ethnic groups studied their languages and joined to them those who are interested in a particular culture, traditions and customs. Language Learning Center equipped with interactive whiteboards in classes, have access to the Internet. I am glad those attend the courses are students of all ages, - says head of management on development of languages Zhanbolat Umbetov. - have become a tradition  the Days of writing of this or that ethnic group, competitions on knowledge of the state language among the non-indigenous, to identify new names that immediately come to our database, "Tildaryn".

Note that it is Kostanai region in 2006 was the initiator of this competition, which soon gained the republic status. Many people from our area became winners and prize holders of national competitions on knowledge of the state language. Now they are known far beyond the region and are working in the domestic channel "Kazakhstan": this is Elvira Ivanova, Alla Gavrina. At the current session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan to the President acted Natalia Shpagina, who is fluent in Kazakh and English languages. She also told about the club "Tildaryn" activities. By the way, today in our region more than 400 non-indigenous children attend kindergartens and schools with the state language, as well as studying at universities and colleges in the Kazakh offices in various specialties.

At the same time Head of the Regional Secretariat of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Gulvira Kudaykulova also noted that based on the center of Kostanay "Tildaryn" was developed and implemented accelerated learning technique "Baldauren" on the basis of the Kazakh language children's camp, which is now the guys come from all over Kazakhstan.

- For the second year, we practice leaving our children for more in-depth study of the language to their historic homeland in Kazan, - says the chairman of the Tatar-Bashkir ECO "Duslyk" Rinad Bektimirov. - It allows you to immerse children in the language environment, where they are more in-depth study language, learning it in a playful way through the prism of traditions and customs. I am glad that in our Sunday school come the representatives of different ethnic groups, who are interested to join through the language of different cultures.

Press service of KSU "Kogamdyk Kelesim" Kostanay region     

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