October 6, 2016 the House of Friendship in Almaty hosted a round table "Kazakhstan bolashaGy - Kazakh tilіnde".

Event organizers was Secretariat of APK Almaty, KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» Almaty Akim jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of the event is to promote the formation of a harmoniously developed personality, to promote the study of the state language in order to create a highly educated and young generation of Kazakhstan.

Dos Koshim, chairman of the Republican Public Movement "Ult tagdyry", public figure, opened and chaired the roundtable.

The event was attended by public figures, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, government agencies, heads of ethnocultural associations, representatives of the youth wing of the ECO, teachers of Sunday school at the House of Friendship in Almaty and students.

With the welcoming speech has performed Akhetov M.K., Head of Almaty Department of language development. In his speech he said that today Kazakhstan is part of a multicultural world, where knowledge of various languages ​​and, in the first place - the Kazakh language, provides unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth, it is a huge advantage for young people in education and in the development of intercultural relations and about the opportunities that are provided by the state to master the Kazakh language.

Aidos Sarym, political scientist, social activist thanked for the invitation to participate in the round table on such an important and topical subject said, our society cannot fail to see their interest in the study of the state language and in support of multilingualism, because in the future bilingual and multilingual people bring their contribute to the development of the country, will be in demand in the labor market.

Jumaly Rasul, a political analyst, said that the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan contributes to the functioning of the different models of language education, especially learning the official language. At the same time, it supports the positive ideas of multilingualism has a positive effect on personal development with the necessary preservation of its linguistic and cultural identity.

Georgiy Kan, a member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Deputy Chairman of the Almaty Korean National Center, said that the round table involves communication and exchange of views on the study of the state language, its future. With a view to question the most complete coverage of the affected well, so that the invited speakers from among reputable scientists, public figures, representatives of ECO, as well as youth representatives.

Asyl Osman, a member of the APK, the public figure, k.f.n .: "I’ve always said and will say, today the question, which has been repeatedly voiced by the head of state in their program is actual. In announcing the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, creating conditions for the successful development of the state for all citizens of Kazakhstan, focuses on the development, training and education of the younger generation, which constantly repeats that every young person should know the state language. In the 25 years of Independence of the Republic of all the conditions for the successful creation, operation and training. Of course, it is good, that we live in a democratic state, but the state language is the Kazakh language, it must be known by every citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "

Chairman of Almaty Buryat cultural center "Sayan" Augustine Gabdullina noted the importance of the theme of the event said that after all the study of the Kazakh language should be more seriously in all educational institutions.

During the round table was a constructive dialogue and participants exchanged their opinions.

Representatives of "Almaty" TV channel took part from the media.

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