On the celebration of the main school holiday 25 children from low-income families have come to schools with brand new schoolbags and school supplies donated by the Club ANC EKR within the "Road to school" republican campaign, as a part of this promotion the Club helped 233 children.

Since 2016, one of the main directions of work of Kazakhstan People Assembly of EKR Friendship House and center of public consent is to coordinate charity. In February of 2016 created by the ANC WKR Club among the most caring people in our region, which permanently provide charitable assistance not only for children, but also to the participants of the Great Patriotic War, invalids and mothers with many children.

Thus, this time, members of the Club were not left behind and supported the Republican campaign "Road to school", presenting kids with new schoolbags with all the necessary school supplies. Russian ethno-cultural associations and the regional committee of trade unions of workers for culture prepared sweets for children.

On the eve of the holiday, in the framework of this action the activists of ethno-cultural associations prepared a concert and invited animators with an interesting and exciting program "Visiting clown Lelik", with games, contests, tricks and prizes.

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