As part of the project for the extensive coverage of the activities of the Republican methodical study on mediation in RSE Kogamdyk kelіsіm" and the Council of public agreement with the Secretariat of the ANC in Almaty, together with Concord Education Center, on September 6, 2016 a seminar in Almaty city was held.

The facility expects changes associated with the plan of reorganization of the district dispensaries and the creation of a centralized inter-district dispensary. The reorganization may affect the staff of the facility in terms of reduction, compensation, transfer, preservation of old posts, etc. In this regard, the speakers elaborated on the provisions of the Labour Code to protect the rights of workers, regulation of labor relations between employers and workers in the new Labour Code.

In her speech Altekova N.A. spoke on the support for employees by the Republican office of mediation and the Council of public consent, ANC Almaty. All employees have received contacts, and the adresses of mediation office and public consent of the Council.

Lecturer G.A.Urozbaeva highlighted the articles of the law to regulate the relationship between the employee and employer, creating procedures and principles of operation of the conciliation commission.

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