The Constitution is a basis of unity and social harmony

On August 29, 2016, the House of Friendship hosted a roundtable dedicated to the Constitution Day, organized by scientific and expert group of the Regional Assembly.

The event was attended by members of ethnic and cultural associations, members of the scientific and expert group of the Regional Assembly, scientists, representatives of governmental and legal bodies, NGOs and the media.

Head of the scientific and expert group N.Mynzhas congratulated the participants of the round table on the occasion, reminding, that the chief authors of the law are the People of Kazakhstan "We, the people of Kazakhstan ..." confirm the unbreakable unity of our multinational country.

Speaking at the round table Deputy Mayor N.Zhaliev, deputy head of the regional department of justice T.Leserov, senior lecturer in "Jurisprudence" KSE Korkyt Ata, Ph.D. A.Madalieva analyzed the history and landmarks of the country's progress since the adoption of the Constitution, noting the successes and achievements of our country over the years of independence.

Chief Inspector of the Regional Assembly Secretariat A.Sagymbay summed up the round table, wished representatives of structural subdivisions of the APK joint fruitful work.

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