The exhibition «Light and shadow». Photos of Lev Dashkevich

The exhibition of the National History Museum «Light and Shadow. Photos Leo Dashkevich» was opened at the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on September 9th.

This project is the first experience of joint work of the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan and the National History Museum of Belarus, an example of strengthening cultural ties and common peoples of the two countries.

The exhibition, organized in the framework of the international project of the Museum "Dialogue through culture", with the active assistance of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Kazakhstan was attended by Deputy Director of the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan Kulyaysha Aktaeva, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Belarus in Kazakhstan Anatoly Nichkasov, researcher at the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus Natalia Martynova, public figures and museum visitors. The chairman of the cultural center "Belarus" of the Assembly of Kazakhstan People of Astana Alexandra Romanova was directly involved in the organization of this event.

Noting the important role of the First President of Kazakhstan Museum in presenting the origins of art and culture of the Republic of Belarus, Anatoly Nichkasov stressed the fraternal relationship and allied relations between Kazakhstan and Belarus: "This year is very important for us, as the decree of the head of state, this is the Year of Culture of Belarus, and that is why we are committed to show the cultural heritage of our Republic in our brotherly country - Kazakhstan."

Sharing unique creative life of Lev Dashkevich, Natalya Martynova told about the structure of the exhibition: "The exhibition is primarily presenting one of the lightest, brightest, worthy personalities of our history of the first half of the twentieth century – Lev Urbanovich Dashkevich. It consists of three conditional sections, one of which depicts the face of Belarus 1920s. The ability to feel deeply allowed Lev Dashkevich to be a great photographer. Therefore, today you can not only see appearance of Belarus 20s, but also feel it."

During the opening of the exhibition "Light and Shadow" 39 photos were presented to viewers, performed by Lev Dashkevich in the period from 1910 to 1950. The exhibition's title is quite symbolic, as light and shadow were the main instruments in the work of Lev Urbanovich. The subtle flair of the artist filled the work with mystery and originality, making rich palette of emotions from shadow and light in the minds of viewers for years.

It should be noted that the photo exhibition "Light and Shadow" after the demonstration in Astana will go to the historical and cultural journey to other countries. And only at the end of the tour will be inaugurated in Belarus itself.

Press service of KGU “Kogamdyk Kelesim”

Astana Akimat

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