“The exhibition of social projects of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan”

In order to demonstrate the projects, the exhibition will be located in special mobile stands, suggesting the possibility of placing the material plane: texts and photos. Stands with projects at the exhibition are arranged in blocks:

- Projects "Fund APK";

- Projects of republican ECA;

- Projects of regional ECA;

- Projects of partners of APK.


The exhibition will be presented 61 projects. Most of the presented projects - successfully implemented or are in the course of implementation.

A summary of the results of the implementation of social and significant projects

Successful project work defines sustainable development of public organizations. Ethno-cultural associations of Kazakhstan have accumulated many years of experience in active project management.

Ongoing projects are designed to demonstrate the wide range of activities of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Social projects due to challenges faced by ethnic and cultural associations - a project aimed at the development of the language environment, the preservation of family traditions in society, to promote tolerance, patriotism and charity, to the multiplication of the cultural heritage, development of entrepreneurship and cooperation.

In the course of implementing projects, new ideas were born, there were new partners, to expand the circle of caring people who are ready to lend a helping hand to ethno-cultural associations in solving many social problems.

Results of noble deeds are impressive, they are: publishing books, booklets and newspapers with a total circulation of 5,000 copies.; the numerous competitions, festivals, sporting events, etc., which were attended by 25,000 participants, the main participants are - the student youth.

The total budget of the completed projects amounted to more than 300 mln. tenge.

A remarkable feature of the project - the focus on innovative solutions, particularly in the terms of teaching the state language, monitoring multilingual education. Here are the following projects: "Creating phrasebook "Languages of the people of Kazakhstan" (Methodological center of innovative technologies of language training" Tildaryn " "Foundation of APC” PF), "Competition on knowledge of the state language among ECA "(NGO "Association of Koreans in Kazakhstan"), "Development and implementation of models of multilingual education in schools with national language education in South Kazakhstan region" (regional Uzbek ethno-cultural center, SKR, Shymkent).

Problems of educating of unity, tolerance and patriotism - an important topic of many projects of the regions, "Unified Kazakhstan – unified  people!" (Educating of tolerance youth of Zhambyl region), "Youth Forum ethno-cultural cross-border cooperation" Birlik-Edinstvo.kz " (Coordinating Council of Youth Associations of APK, Pavlodar region), etc.

A special place in the project activities of ethno-cultural organizations takes charitable mission. Thousands of old-aged and elderly people have a moral and material assistance for the past 2 years. German public association “Kazakhstan "Revival" organized training of medical and social workers working with the old aged people.

Most of the charity projects aimed at solving the problems of children with disabilities. More than 1,000 disabled children have been helped, they had about 4,000 direct social services. In particular, a large-scale charity event of Fund of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan "Unity through charity", helped to attract more than 35 million tenge to support children with serious illnesses, thanks to expertly conducted fundraising.

Particularly noteworthy partnership project - research on the problem of child abandonment and motherhood, in the partnership of the Council of the mothers at the Assembly -of People of Kazakhstan of the East Kazakhstan region and the orphanage "Umit" at the Department of Education WKR.

One of the important directions in the project activity- is the revival and preservation of the cultural heritage of the people of Kazakhstan. Further development of crafts, including, jewelers, development tradition of the national costume and ornaments, creating  craft centers, - this is an incomplete list of topics, developed by participants of ethno-cultural associations. It is important to note the establishment of craft centers, workshops for making costumes, clubs for children of poor families in a particular profession. As a result of this work - more than 400 college students, high schools took part in various competitions; more than 100 craftsmen are united in the creative community.

It should be underlined the direction of ethno-cultural associations as financial literacy, fostering youth entrepreneurship. Successful implementation of the projects illustrated in the following figures: trained more than 32,000 participants conducted more than 1,000 seminars, more than 100 meetings with the entrepreneurs and students.

It is necessary to underline the special role of project coordinators - caring people, chooses the most acute social problems to deal with, who can competently organize projects, to attract sponsors, to find funding and reaching effective results.

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