The historical place of Khan's Horde

"ULY DALA ELI" republican expedition dedicated to the 550 anniversary of Kazakh Khanate arrived in Kokshetau at September 14th, 2015.

"ULY DALA ELI" republican expedition dedicated to the 550 anniversary of Kazakh Khanate arrived in Kokshetau at September 14th, 2015.

Members of the expedition stopped at the entrance of the city to see the monument to the date of formation of the city. Then they went to meeting with the teachers and students of Kokshetau State University named after Shokan Valikhanov, where they were greeted by rector of the university Abdumutallip Abzhapparov.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, head of the expedition Nurbek Shayakhmetov noted that the mission is realized in order to study the history, promoting the unity and consent of people of Kazakhstan. During the trip to Burabay and Zerenda districts the members of the expedition have learned a lot of historical places. They visited historic homeland of legendary Balkadisha, Malik Gabdullin, Abylai khan’s stay place, met with local elders. Elders tell them a lot of historical facts. Candidate of historical sciences Amangeldy Kashkymbaev lectured for history faculty students on "Esenberlin and Kazakh Khanate" theme.

The head of the expedition presented books on the history of Kazakh Khanate to the university library within "Tendesiz syi" action. After that, members of the expedition laid a basket of flowers to Abylai khan monument.

Next, the members of the expedition visited Nazarbayev Intellectual School, where students prepared a concert program to the guests. Writer, docent of International Relations of ENU named after L.N. Gumilev A.Alpeisov said: "Formation of Kazakh Khanate opened a new page in the history of Kazakhstan as a state. But this does not mean that the history of Kazakhstan starts with this date, history of Kazakhstan has a long history, originating from the Sakas, Gunas, Turks, Golden Horde. Modern name of the Kazakh nation, formed thanks to the carting of Khans Zhanibek and Kerey. At the end of the XV century came new term "Kazakh" and therefore, the date for us is extremely important".

Magzhan Sagymbaev, representative of the Kazakh Geographic Society spoke in the meeting. He traveled for 380 days on his bike, visited 23 countries 170 towns and over 200 villages. The students listened Magzhan with great interest.

Then the members of the expedition visited the local history museum. There are saved a lot of things related to Abylai khan, letters to the authorities and foreign countries, tableware and armor of warriors of 18-19 centuries. Members of the expedition are going to make recommendations on the definition of internal cultural, educational and ecological perspective routes to development tourism infrastructure. At the end of the expedition it is planned to create an information resource base to create a large Internet project "Encyclopedia of Kazakhstan".

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