Within the framework of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» apparatus of Atyrau oblast akim in the concert hall of the House of Friendship has organized the festival "Til - tatulyk tiregі".

The purpose of the event: the promotion and improvement of the status of the state language, extension of the scope of application and the development of interest in the state language non-indigenous population, to attract young people to actively participate in the various activities of the regional and city level.

At the event were invited the heads of government agencies, representatives of ethno-cultural associations of the region, teachers, students, colleges of the city of Atyrau and media representatives.

With the welcoming speech the head of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim» apparatus of Atyrau oblast akim Aman-Turlina Tamara Utegenovna, who congratulated guests on the occasion and said: "Language - a means of overriding human relationships, the soul of the people, the foundation of its culture. It is a means of training and support that connects people. Possession of the state language promotes unity and cohesion of the ethnic groups living in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This festival is held for the purpose of educating and instilling interest in language learning among young people. And in connection with this on this stage will feature songs and poems of poets of different nations. "

Eighth grade student of the school № 35 of the city of Atyrau Diana Bauyrzhankyzy has opened a festival with a poem of Qadir Myrzalieva "Ana tilin -aryn bul". The event continued with the youth creative collectives of ethnocultural associations of the region with songs and poems in the Kazakh and native languages. Among the speakers highlighted the seven-year old Yun Maxim with a poem "Tugan tilim - ana tilim", student of the 10th grade Diktyarenko Irina with "Saryzhaylau" song, a student of 8th grade Vika Tambovtseva with the song "Tugan jer", and 11th grade student with folk Georgian song "Leksimitkvia ". The festival was finished by choir "Sarang" of Korean ethnocultural association "Thon" with "Atameken" song.

- I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this event. Language - is the soul of any ethnic group. I often take part in such events. Since childhood, I say in the Kazakh language, Kazakh respect the culture, customs and traditions. I believe that my knowledge - is my wealth "- shared his impressions Shakhmuradov Ilakbar, a member of the regional branch of the Uighur culture society.

Our task is to increase the interest of people in the region to study the state language. We annually conduct such meropryatiya where participants show not only excellent knowledge of the Kazakh language, but also creativity; - said in an interview Nadezhda Esova, head of the organization of cultural events of municipal public institution «Kogamdyk kelesim».

At the end of the event participants were awarded with outstanding letters of thanks and gifts.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

apparatus of Atyrau oblast akim

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