September 27, 2016 in the Republican House of Friendship in Almaty was held a solemn event "Til Tauelsіzdigi - El Tauelsіzdigi" devoted to the Day of languages ​​of people of Kazakhstan in the framework of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event is organized by the International Society "Kazakh tili", a branch of the International Society "Kazakh tili" Almaty together with the Service to ensure the activities of the Republican House of Friendship in Almaty.

The purpose of the event the formation of Kazakhstan identity, strengthening social cohesion and national unity by teaching the state language

The ceremony was attended by members of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, chairmen and members of national and urban ethnic and cultural associations, deputies of Almaty Maslikhat, representatives of the party "Nur Otan", well-known public figures of Kazakhstan, faculty and university students, young people, teachers and students Sunday schools and the media.

Saturation, cognitive, cultural program opened by the chairman of the International Society "Kazakh tili" O.A.Aytbaev. In his speech, he said that any language reflects the history of the spiritual life of the people. Language is the whole world, every living soul of the people, their joy, treasures the memory. In Kazakhstan, representatives of more than 130 ethnic groups, and each language is unique. Studying languages, we study the culture of the people, learn to respect and understand each other.

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan LN Pitalenko congratulated the participants of the event in the Kazakh language stating that the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev has pursued a wise national policy, whereby any citizen has a right to develop their own language.

For contribution to the development, study and promotion of the Kazakh language medals "Ana tili" international society "Kazakh tili", letters of thanks and souvenirs members of ethnic and cultural associations have been awarded, figures of science, literature and art, mass media representatives.

For guests was prepared by a festive concert program. For the first time, in two languages ​​- Kazakh and Russian, the song sounded "Assembly" by T.Kuzembaeva, the singer of the Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet named after Abay. Also, for the first time in his performance sounded the song "El Mangilik" dedicated to patriotic action.

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