«Tugan zher – altyn besigim»

Within the framework of the 25th anniversary of Republic of Kazakhstan Independence, the "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" Atyrau region akimat organized a special event on September 14th 2016 - the Day of ethnos "Tugan zher - Altyn besigim".

The event was attended by members of ethnocultural associations of Atyrau region, representatives of government agencies and the media.

The head of KSU "Kogamdyk kelіsіm" Atyrau region akimat Tamara Utegenovna Aman-Turlina made a talk to the guests, which revealed the goal of the event and told about main values ​​of our society - the friendship and unity of the Kazakhstan people, about the need to preserve and strengthen social cohesion consent. She also congratulated all with a holiday "Kurban Eid".

Representatives of ethnic and cultural associations of the region showed their customs and traditions during the event: the branch of the World Association of Kazakhs provided for guests national ceremony "Tusau kesu", where 80-year-old grandmother performed the ceremony, by giving “bata” to a small child; Tatar-Bashkir ethnocultural association "Tatulyk" - "Wedding ceremony"; Korean ethnocultural association "Thon’il" - the rite of "Regards to the parents"; Georgian ethno-cultural association presented a national dance; Armenian ethno-cultural association "Tavros" - the ancient national song; Ukrainian ethnocultural association "Dovira" acquainted with the content of national embroidered "rushnik"; Jewish ethnocultural association "Aliya" presented the Jewish calendar; Russian ethno-cultural association "Bylina" told about the old Russian rite "Zernovushka" and presented to the museum the House of Friendship Charm-doll "Zernovushka", symbolizing peace and prosperity in the house; Association of Slavic, Russian and Cossack associations - Rite "Courtship, the bride's farewell, meeting her in the house of the wife", have shown the characteristics of these important events; branch of Uighur culture society - national tradition "welcoming guests".

Also the leaders of ethno-cultural associations appeared to guests in the hall, spoke about the inter-ethnic stability in Kazakhstan and urged all to preserve and strengthen our greatest wealth and heritage - the unity and social harmony.

The event continued with a concert program with participation of creative collectives of ethnocultural associations.

At the end of the event the 12 poor families of ethnic and cultural associations of the region were presented with gifts, and leaders of ethnic and cultural associations with thank-you letters.

At the end of the event Aman-Turlina T.U., the head of KSU "Kogamdyk kelesim" Atyrau region akimat, gave an interview to local television.

Press service of KGU “Kogamdyk Kelesim”

Atyrau Region Akimat

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