In the regional center of West Kazakhstan region was held Mothers Council forum on gender issues and the protection of mothers and children in our country. The forum was attended by akim Altay Kulginov.

Among the participants of the Forum were members of Regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Mothers Council, Chairman of the Public Fund "Dos" Faith Shokhin, chairman of the Mothers Council Shalkyma Kurmanalina, bronze champion of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Ekaterina Larionova with her mother Natalia Larionova.

The important questions on motherhood and childhood protection, the prevention of child abandonment, the participation of women in social and political life of the country and the region, the role of business women, women entrepreneurs were discussed during the forum. Akim of the region Altai Kulginov pointed out that mother's love to the children is the most sacred love on Earth. Mother bears the kindness and tenderness, strengthens the traditions and preserves the comfort at home.

In all the regions of the country were created Mothers Councils at regional Assemblies. Mothers Council of our region was formed in 2013 and in recent years, contribute to the strengthening of public consent through spiritual and educational role of the mother. Today in the region live and work more than 8000 mothers-heroines awarded with "Altyn alka", "Alka Kumis" and "Maternal Glory" rewards of 1 and 2 degrees and the title "Mother Heroine ". Recently, the number of women in senior positions in the executive and representative authorities is increasing. In total there are 114 women on top positions, including one deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament, one deputy akim of the region, 5 deputy akims of regions, 15 akims of rural districts, 36 heads of regional administrations, district and municipal departments, 56 women-deputies of the regional city and district maslikhats as well as secretaries of district in maslikhats.

This year we are celebrating an important historical date - the 25th anniversary of Independence. It is no coincidence our President in his Manifest "Nurly Zhol" - the way to the future emphasized that stability and harmony is a family well-being and the world is the joy of parenthood. Today, across the country are held large-scale action "Ak oramal" its main goal is to keep the peace on the Earth, - said Altai Kulginov.

The head of the region advised the Forum participants to elevate the role of the family. For parents to show the love for children is not buying expensive accessories, but joint entertainment, do not dissociate yourselves from children after hardworking days. Altai Kulginov welcomed bronze medal champion of Olympic Games in Rio Ekaterina Larionov and expressed his gratitude to her mother Natalia and her father, coach Alexei Stanislavovich for the exemplary upbringing of his daughter.

Chairman of the APK Mothers Board of West Kazakhstan Shalkyma Kurmanalina spoke on the Council's work, including 24 influential and respected women in the region. The deputy of regional maslikhat Lyana Tursynova highlighted the activities of women MPs, noting that a greater presence of women in politics would provide an effective solution of social issues and addressed akim of the region with a proposal to appoint at least one woman as a district akim.

An important issue on social orphanhood was highlighted by the coordinator for the West Kazakhstan Region Public Foundation "Ana Uy – Mother's House" Nadia Lisitsyna.

- We work on two projects aimed at the prevention of child abandonment - a "Mother's House" and "Adoption Support Center". We suggest not to leave children, but to live in a shelter with them. During 2.5 years, in Uralsk due to the project "Mother's House" ​​75 children were not sent to the children's home, across the country in total – 1670 children. In this regard, in many cities of Kazakhstan was reduced the number of children's homes.

The forum participants discussed the participation of women in the country's political life, development of women's business, many women entrepreneurs shared their experiences.

During the forum was formed an appeal of women of Urals as the final document of the forum. The event ended with a concert.

Galina Samoilova


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