Unexpected situation may occur with anyone, but what if from a lack of knowledge in providing of first medical aid people will suffer?

The ability to promptly assist affected could save his life. 
In this regard, within the framework of the republican action-marathon "Shyn zhurekten" North Kazakhstan Assembly of People of Kazakhstan KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim», Health Department, North Kazakhstan Medical College of akimat of NKR held advocacy and practical work with young people.

The project "Shyn zhurekten - First aid" has set a goal - to teach people to provide first aid before the arrival of ambulance crews, for a variety of diseases.

College students of the University of North Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk construction, economic, humanitarian and technical, having a theory began to practical tasks. With experience, three representative teams competed with each other. Who will make faster and better dressing fracture, measure the pressure and take resuscitative measures.

Also doctors told about the prevention of hypertension. "To protect yourself from this disease, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and give up bad habits" - doctors say. Saniya Sergazina, a student of Humanities and Technical College: - This situation can happen to anyone. I am here to learn to measure the pressure to stop the bleeding. In life, it is certainly useful.

All participants were given leaflets with explanations of action algorithms for different emergencies. In addition, the guys on the theory grasped the prevention of hypertension, hypertensive disease. as well as signs and risk factors for cardio - vascular diseases.

Third place was taken by the students of Humanities and Technical College, the second - building and economic, and the first won the college students of the North-Kazakhstan University.

Instead of boring lectures were practical exercises and teambuilding games outdoors. Students promised to remember how to provide first aid, knowing that such an experience - vital.

Press service of KSU «Kogamdyk kelesim»

SI "Machinery of akim of North Kazakhstan region"

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