Today at the "Glory" memorial of the city of Shymkent, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan in South Kazakhstan region summed up the republican action "Ak oramal".

The event was aimed for the promotion of the manifest of the Head of State N.Nazarbaveva "Peace. XXI Century ", voiced at the IV summit on nuclear safety in Washigton dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. It was attended by the Deputy Mayor Ulasbek Sadibekov, chairman of the regional council of veterans Zhenisbek Maulenkulov, chairman of the Mothers of the Council under the APK South Kazakhstan Region Balkh Komekbaeva, chairman of the regional Tatar-Bashkir ethnocultural association Asya Mukhamedova.

During the event was held a theatrical performance on the basis of Kazakh customs and traditions, on the topic to preserve and maintain peace and harmony in our mutual home. The key event was the entrance to the memorial "Dank" of more than 150 mothers in white scarves as a sign of stopping mass destruction and arms race. As a sign of reconciliation of the parties white scarves were attached to the weapons.

The action took place simultaneously in all regions of the country.

The purpose of the action is the consolidation of all citizens, regardless of ethnic origin, social, religious or other affiliation, around the idea of ​​the world peace.

During the thirty days event "Ak oramal" in all the districts and cities of the region mothers heroines congratulated mothers and newborns and spoke with a warnings to young couples, performed the baht ceremony. 

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