"We made the value of unity and harmony as a foundation of society, the foundation of our special Kazakh tolerance. We need to carefully transfer these values to every future generation of Kazakhstan. "

Nursultan Nazarbayev

In his message to the People of Kazakhstan "Nurly Zhol- Way to the Future" Head of State said: "Youth is the support of our future. Every year, our state opens up the doors to for new generation on all the way. For the development of our young people there are the new programs and projects, such as, "Nurly Zhol", the presidential scholarship program "Bolashak", the project "With diploma - to the village," and a support program "Youth practice".

Today, in every region of Kazakhstan successfully operate ethno-cultural associations of various ethnic groups, which are designed to consolidate all the representatives of national communities.

Since August 2016 in Zhezkazgan region began its work Youth Association "Shanyrak" by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Karaganda region. The main objective of this initiative is to combine all active representatives of youth of various nationalities to concentrate joint efforts for the benefit of our country and an active involvement of young people in the process of educating new Kazakh patriotism, as well as a revival of interest among young people to their roots and origins. It is symbolic that the first event of the association is held on the day, when the whole country celebrates another anniversary – the day of Constitution.

On August 30 at Alashahana Square was organized an ethnocultural festival, which brought together representatives of all nationalities living in the cities of Zhezkazgan and Satpaev.

Youth Association "Shanyrak" organized this event with the support of Zhezkazgan city "Nur Otan", branch and the Karaganda branch of the party "Nur Otan" with LLP "Corporation Kazakhmys", the branch of the  "Kesіp Kazakmys" Association of business women and the Council of the city's public consent of Zhezkazgan. During the festival was held a contest of national cuisine between restaurants and ethno-cultural associations of the cities Zhezkazgan and Satpayev, which displayed the richness and diversity of national cultures of the region.

The first people to get acknowledged with the most delicious viands of 7 national cuisines, presented by 12 participants were special guests: Deputy Mayor of the city of Zhezkazgan Zina Akylbekova, Secretary of Satpaev city maslikhat Tatyana Hmilyarchuk, first deputy chairman of the city branch "Nur Otan" party Gulmira Kazhenova, deputies of the city maslikhat and government leaders institutions. With the work of the Youth Association "Shanyrak" Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Karaganda region guests were briefed by the chairman Timur Dzhumurbaev. At the end of the contest, each participant has won a certain category, a diploma and a commemorative gift.

All present at this celebration of friendship and unity, highly evaluated the work of Zhezkazgan youth in the preservation of the region's multi-ethnic identity, and got acquainted with the national cuisine of the People of Kazakhstan. City ​​officials expressed special gratitude to the organizers and assured that from now on such festivals will become a tradition.

Press service of KSE "Kogamdyk kelіsіm"

Karaganda region, akim apparatus



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