2016 is significant for all Kazakhstanis 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our country every year blooms and reaches new heights, we occupy a leading position in the international markets, our athletes are respected and known throughout the world ... That's about it and many other things written in his works the participants of stage II of the youth online competition held by House of Friendship - public consent center. The participants' task was to tell in his writings, what this significant date means for the country and for all of us.

On the last day of September, the contestants and the residents of the city, gathered at the House of Friendship, to find out whose work is, in the opinion of the jury, deserves the title of the best and one of the participants is worthy of a valuable prize. The event began with a greeting word the deputy director of the Friendship House - the center of social consensus Dotsenko O.B. and chairman of the jury, the chief editor of "Journal of Assembly" Kratenko A.I., which awarded participants and winners. The jury was unanimous. 3rd place was taken by Malik Galiev and he won a portable charger for cell phone. 2nd place - Kseniya Kolkutina, for her work, she received a mobile tablet. The absolute winner was Constantine Gulyakiv who with his work "Freely and independently, my country of Kazakhstan" won hoverboard.

Also, the organizers of the contest set up the Audience Award, which was held in the online mode of voting. According to the majority, the happy owner of a high-speed bike became Astamirova Milana, with her essay "How I became a citizen of Kazakhstan”, in which young Chechen woman told the story of how her ancestors in the difficult years of deportation were on the Kazakh land, and found in it their homeland.

At the end of the event, a gift for all those who present was the performance of the youth dance group "Debak", which works in the direction of modern Korean dance – Pop-K, and the lucky winners were gladly viewed and photographed with their gifts.

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