Patriotic act "Eternal Country"

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"The life of the people grows with each of its next generation.

Therefore, there is no dream higher than the dream of the Eternity of the People.

Eternal Country is an idea that opens tomorrow, expresses faith in the future,

It is a symbol of irreversible and lasting stability..."

From the speech of N.A.Nazarbayev at the solemn meeting dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

December 15, 2014


We, citizens of Kazakhstan, proceeding from the highest interests of society and the state, connected by one destiny and historical memory in the ancient Kazakh land, being the successors of the glorious history and traditions of Countries of the Great Steppe of the Great Transfigured Steppe, having realized the dream of many generations about Independence and realizing its sacred duty to Future generations, the importance of peace and harmony, unity and cohesion, in the year of the 25-th anniversary of Independence, we accept the present


Patriotic Act - Eternal Country


Our generation has had the high honor and responsibility under the leadership of President, First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to create the history of the new Kazakhstan.

Having rallied around President, we have passed a great path of achievement and today we proudly call ourselves citizens of Independent Kazakhstan - a strong and successful state.

Following the historical "Word of Independence" of Nursultan Nazarbayev, we, citizens of Kazakhstan - are united in our desire to create the Nation of the One Future - Eternal Country.

At the heart of Eternal Country - simple, understandable and most valuable for each of us truths - the well-being of our families, hospitality and diligence, stability, security and unity, confidence in the future.

We call for strengthening, storing and transferring from generation to generation Seven firm bases of Eternal Country:

Eternal Country it is Independence and Astana.

We will be faithful to the great historical mission of strengthening Independence.

We will always be proud of Astana as a bright symbol of the prosperity and strength of our people.

Eternal Country is a nation-wide unity, peace and harmony.

We have one Motherland - Independent Kazakhstan, we have one country - One destiny.

The people who are faithful to the great cause of peace and harmony will exist for thousands of years.

Eternal Country is a Secular State and High Spirituality.

The unity of civil and spiritual values ​​allowed us to find our own way and proudly declare ourselves to the whole world.

We will continue to develop in every possible way a global dialogue of religions and civilizations that define the unique spiritual image of our country.

Eternal Country is a sustainable Economic Growth based on Innovation.

We will develop the industrial and innovative power of the state, take care of natural resources and the environment, and approve in society a cult of learning and education as an intellectual foundation of the nation.

Eternal Country is the Society of General Labor.

All achievements and successes of the country are the result of everyday, laborious work of all Kazakhstan people.

We will strengthen our values ​​of diligence and responsibility, respect for the Human Laborer, creating conditions for realizing the creative potential of every citizen of the country.

Eternal Country is a Community of History, Culture and Language.

We will cherish our common historical heritage.

We will multiply the cultural diversity of the people of Kazakhstan.

We will follow the principle of the development of the state language as the basis for the consolidation of society, trilingual’s as the main condition for the competitiveness of the Nation.

We are a Great Country - Big Family.

Eternal Country is the National security and global participation of Kazakhstan in solving global and regional problems.

We must protect our achievements.

Strengthening national security is the sacred duty of every citizen, patriot of his country.

We will strengthen the recognized authority of the country in the international arena, promoting the ideas of peace and harmony.

We will follow the sacred values ​​of Eternal Country.

We will proudly bear the heavenly stiffness of our Motherland; raise it on new heights of achievements of our country.

This is our conscious choice for the sake of future generations, prosperity and prosperity of the people of Kazakhstan!


Let our united nation be strong - Eternal Country!

May the eternal land of Kazakhstan be blessed - Countries of the Great Steppe!

Forward, Kazakhstan!


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