Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

Mothers’ Council at the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan

Mothers’ Council at the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan

Consultative and Advisory body

The issues of strengthening the family, protection of motherhood and childhood are the most important state priority. In the adopted Concept of family and gender policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2030, a family is considered as the most important social institution that affects the quality of human capital. It is the guardian of the national cultural code, morals and family traditions.

Mothers’ Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan is Consultative and Advisory body. At present there are 16 regional, 47 city, 270 district, 1239 village Mothers’ Councils in the regions of the country. 105 Mothers’ Councils at ethno-cultural associations and 33 at enterprises are established and actively work. The dynamics of the total number of Mothers' councils is reflected in the following figures: there were 823 in 2015, 1322 in 2016, 1774 - 2017, 1714 in 2018. 

The largest number of Mothers’ Councils were created in East Kazakhstan (284), Almaty (265) and Turkestan (202) regions. The asset of Mothers’ Council has about 11 thousand people. They include leaders of ethno-cultural associations, representatives of education, health, culture, non-governmental sector, women entrepreneurs and veterans. The most numerous assets of the councils are in West Kazakhstan (1235 people), East Kazakhstan (1218), Turkestan (1131) and Kyzylorda (1117) regions.

Mothers' Сouncils play an important role in preserving and strengthening the institution of the family, in educating the younger generation, reducing the number of divorces, in prevention of crimes and offenses among adolescents. They carry out advisory and informational work to improve the level of legal literacy of women, disseminate the experience of successful families, conduct preventive work with disadvantaged families, participate in solving the problems of children left without parental care. Every year the number of forms of participation of active women-mothers in solving a wide range of issues of family, spiritual and moral education and mediation is growing.

The first forum and meetings of Mothers’ Councils of the country

In order to exchange experience, Assembly of people of Kazakhstan organizes forums, conferences, meetings, events at the national and regional levels. So in 2014, the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan held I Republican forum of Mothers’ Council on tolerance issues. II Republican Mothers’ Council of the APK was held in 2015.

III Republican Mothers’ Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan - August 28-29, 2016 in the hall of the Constitution of the National academic library of Astana. The role of Mothers' Councils in strengthening Kazakhstan's identity and public consent was discussed at the meeting. It was attended by more than 100 people, including delegations of regions, Astana, Almaty, deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament, representatives of Central and local government bodies, ethno-cultural associations, non-governmental organizations, creative and scientific intelligentsia, the media.

The agenda included the issues of activities of the councils for the protection of children's rights, educational context, charitable activities, participation in solving regional problems, exchange of experience, activities in the field of mediation.

IV Republican Mothers’ Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan was held on October 6, 2017 at Kazakhstan Engineering Pedagogical University of Friendship of people in Shymkent. It was devoted to the role of Mothers’ Council in realization of the programme “Rukhani zhangyru”. The meeting was attended by more than 170 people, including delegations of regions, Astana, Almaty. New directions of activity of Mothers’ Councils were considered, experience of South Kazakhstan (now Turkestan), North Kazakhstan, Akmola regions was discussed. The issues of cultural and moral education of the younger generation, switching of Kazakh alphabet into Latin graphics, the use of mediation tools in the protection of family rights, formation of an international image were updated.  A new form of work was presented – social engineering, involving the participation of Mothers' Councils in solving regional problems, promoting family values and educating the younger generation.

Projects and campaigns of Mothers’ Councils

The work of the Mothers’ Councils at the regional, district, rural levels, in public and private enterprises is carried out in different formats - clubs, charity centers, living rooms, discussion platforms and competitions. There are more than 570 different clubs, centers and art collectives under Mothers’ Councils.

The themes of the projects implemented by the Mothers' Councils are diverse. They are aimed at psychological and pedagogical support of families, assistance to victims of domestic violence, integration into society of children with special educational needs, the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Mothers' Councils took part in the implementation of the national project "Big country – big family", initiated by the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in 2015. The project is aimed at strengthening Kazakhstan's identity, creating conditions for the formation of an integral civil community.

On August 29, 2016, Mothers’ Council of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan on "Otan Ana" square in Astana organized the Republican campaign "Ak Oramal" ("White handkerchief"), dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. The action is aimed at supporting the initiatives of the first President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation N. Nazarbayev on preservation of world security, support and promotion of the Manifesto "Peace. XXI century".

"Ak Oramal" has a deep philosophical significance in the history of Kazakhs. It is an ancient custom of reconciliation, a symbol of purity of thoughts, soul, motherhood. Within the framework of the campaign, 1064 events were held in 1139 settlements with the participation of 500 thousand people, charitable assistance was provided to more than 8.7 thousand people in the amount of 23 million 671 thousand kzt.

Within the programme "Rukhani zhangyru" were organized the events "Uly Dalamnyn Mangilik tili", "Otbasym – altyn besigim", "I'm not alone – you are not alone" in Pavlodar region, also intelligence-show "Tugan zher", quest game among families of ethnic and cultural associations was conducted, a training project "Kazakhsha soilesu onai" was implemented.

"Berekeli shanyrak" and "Kyz Zhibek" events were held in North Kazakhstan. Mothers’ Councils in partnership with educational institutions of the region are implementing a single project "Family is the basis of the state" in East Kazakhstan region since 2017. Members of the Mothers' Councils work as voluntary assistants to prepare young people for family life, instilling family values.

The project "Resource center for family support" is realized in Kostanay Region, "Choose motherhood", "We value every child","Prevention of domestic violence in the family," "Traditions of my family"– in Zhambyl region, "Family longevity: connection between generations" in Kyzylorda region, "Kyz tarbiesi – Ult tarbiesi" in Akmola Region, "Abai alemine sayakhat".

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