Қазақстан халқы Ассамблеясы

Yussup Keligov | en | Ассамблея народа Казахстана

He was born in 1963 in Kantyshevo village, Nazran district, Ingushetia.

Yussup keligov is the member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, member of Chechen-Ingush cultural centre “Vainakh”, professional mediator.

He is graduated from Tselinograd State School of Construction Builders, Tselinograd vocational school of transport contruction, Kazakh Academy and Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovation University.

He started his working career in 1980 as construction worker of Chelkar area office of agriculture.

He worked as a master in “Ereymentausky” village, senior construction worker in “Chelkarsky” village.

After military service he was promoted as Deputy Director of Ereymentau industrial factory.

In 1988, he was appointed Director of “Khimtses” LLP of “Tsesna” Corporation.

At present, he is a Development Director of “Astana ormany” LLP of Environment Protection Department and Environment Management of Nur-Sultan Mayor’s Office.

Yu. Keligov is Deputy of three callings of Nur-Sultan maslikhat.

He is awarded with “Qurmet” order and “Eren enbegi ushin” medal.