Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

31 December, 2021


Assembly of People of Kazakhstan congratulates the Kazakhstanis on New Year

Dear compatriots!

New Year is one of the brightest and most long-awaited family holidays, which gives everyone joy, home comfort and warmth, and hope for the future.

The outgoing year has marked the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan. Due to the wisdom of the people, Kazakhstan has continued the path of development and creation. We have proved in practice that our power is in unity, based on the diversity of opinions, the diversity of approaches, the richness of new ideas.

In the Year of the Tiger, the world community is going to witness many auspicious occasions. There are many political, cultural and sports events among them.

However, the pandemic, which has plagued the humanity for almost two years, could ruin the plans of 2022. Because the epidemic has not subsided yet. However, despite the epidemic, a number of events will be planned for the next year.

One of the political events of 2022 is a meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of State. Besides that, a Summit of the Conference on the Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia will be held in Nur-Sultan, next year. In 2022, Kazakhstan will chair the CIS Council for Cooperation in Education. The country will also host the VII Congress of the Teachers and Education Workers of the CIS member states.

Dear fellow countrymen!

May the coming New Year be full of interesting events and happy moments in your life!

May peace and understanding reign in your families, may the most cherished desires and good hopes come true!

We would like to wish you an immense happiness, good luck and success in all your endeavors!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

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