Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

15 February, 2021


A round table on the topic “The role of the APK in the development of the institution of mediation” was held at “ANK live” studio

A round table was organized by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan at ANK live studio of the House of Friendship in Nur-Sultan.

A meeting was attended by employees of RSE “Public Consent” MES RK, employees of local administrations of Nur-Sultan, the members of ethnocultural associations of the capital, professional and public mediators, members of the Mothers' Council, representatives of the youth wing of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan.

According to the topics covered at the roundtable, the Secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan – the Chief Specialist of the Department of Interethnic Relations of the Department of Internal Policy of Nur-Sultan Kobzeva G., the Head of the Center for the Social Partnership and Mediation, the professional mediator Orazbayeva Sh., the Head of the Department for Projects and Structures of the APK RSE “Public Consent” of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Italiyeva T., the Judge of Almaty District Court of Nur-Sultan Moldybayeva A., the professional mediator of the public fund “KAMEDA”, the lawyer Stankulova Zh., Director of the Mediation Center “Reconciliation” Moldagalieva A., and the Chairman of the Uzbek Ethnocultural Center in Nur-Sultan, Sh. Pulatov.

Kobzeva G., the Chief Specialist of the Department for Interethnic Relations of the Secretariat of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan – the Department of Internal Policy of Nur-Sultan, has noted about the 10th anniversary of the mediation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Then, she spoke about the work that have been done in the capital in the field of mediation. Most importantly, the project “School Mediation” has been implemented at 22 secondary schools of Nur-Sultan. RSE “Public Consent” has signed 9 memorandums with government agencies and fundamental structures on mediation, and effective work is being done on it under the local administration of Nur-Sultan city.

A judge of Almaty district court of Nur-Sultan, a professional mediator, Moldybayeva A., said that mediation was proving to be effective in resolving disputes. The judge spoke about the family mediation and said that parental responsibility always comes first. The family is the closest social environment for everyone, and also an important part of society.

- A family is a school of life for the child, where he learns the types of relationships, gets acquainted with the environment, learns the rules of behavior, forms and develops moral qualities for the first time. That is why, we must educate the next generation and teach them to cope with the difficulties of life. In accordance with the type and pattern of relationships in the family, the child's personality is formed, - he said.

In general, the meeting focused on the fact that country provides the ample opportunities for the development of mediation. A priority was given to the fact that it has a significant impact on the settlement of the disputing parties, and equal rights are respected as well.

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