Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

11 February, 2020


APK Kostanay Region: We need to live through this difficult time together and learn lessons

The tragedy happened in Zhambyl region. We are shocked by it and consider such conflicts inadmissable on the Kazakh land. Our country has always been distinguished by consent and unity. We pass along these values from generation to generation and we cannot even allow the thought that our world can become fragile and our cities and towns unsafe.

On behalf of the Polish Ethnocultural Centre, I extend my sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wish them strength, health and patience in such a difficult situation.

We are confident that the instigators and provocateurs will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. In our turn, we will hold preventive talks with the public, which will prevent such situations from taking place in future. Peace, kindness and clear sky above our heads are for all of us.

Viktor Radomsky,

spokesman for the Polish ethno-cultural center ‘Nadzieja’

What happened in Korday district of Zhambyl region is a terrible accident. The incident, which was so actively tried to give "inter-ethnic" character, turned into a tragedy. After all, the death of people, burned houses, destroyed buildings - just cannot be called any other way.

Our peaceful land is something we have always been proud of, something we always tell our children and people who come to us from other countries. Peace is our treasure, which we must preserve as the apple of our eye. No provocateurs, no people who thoughtlessly march on others with weapons should cause their destruction. We are sure that everyone who is responsible for what happened will be punished.

Chechen-Ingush Ethnocultural center Vainakh extends its condolences to the families of the victims of the conflict and hopes that such a situation will never shake our peaceful Kazakhstan again.

Taus Khaidukayeva,

Deputy Chairman of Chechen-Ingush

Vainakh Ethnocultural Centre

The events that occurred in Zhambyl region, unfortunately, resulted in casualties and injuries. In this connection, the Korean community of Kostanay region extends its deep condolences to the families and friends of the victims. We need to live through this difficult time together and learn lessons.

It is a pity that the conflict that began with a rude word ended in the loss of life. But the saddest thing is that instead of trying to calm people down, some began to add fuel to the flame by publishing provocative comments, insulting people on the basis of nationality.

We must always remember that there are no bad and good nations, and our strength is in unity. Only together will we be able to preserve peace in our common home.

Ulyana Kim,

Deputy Chairman of Korean Community

Kostanay region

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