Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

10 March, 2020


Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is a unique institute that has no analogues in the world

One of the brightest events in 2020, with significant dates - 1150 years since the birth of Al-Farabi, 555 years since the formation of the Kazakh Khanate, 75 years of the Great Victory, the 25th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

A unique situation has been created in our country: more than 140 nations and nationalities live under one shanyrak. Each of the living nationalities in Kazakhstan is unique, and at the same time they represent one friendly nation under the name of Kazakh people.

Today, Kazakhstan is a nation from different parts of the USSR, united by a common idea and spirit of brotherhood.

In formation of unique model of all-Kazakhstan unity, the most important role is given to Assembly of People of Kazakhstan (APK). In 1992, at the Forum of the people of Kazakhstan, devoted to the first anniversary of Independence, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to create a new public institute - Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

On October 20, 2008, a unique institute that has no analogues in the world appeared on a political map of the world: Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan became the subject of political system. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Assembly of People of Kazakhstan" was adopted, which defined the main tasks and directions of the organization's activity.

The Assembly was the consolidating force of the multinational society. Thanks to the work of the organization, in our country there was formed a unique model of interethnic and interfaith harmony, special atmosphere of trust, solidarity and mutual understanding, when every citizen, regardless of ethnic or religious belonging, has and enjoys the full range of civil rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

All necessary conditions have been created in our country for the development of culture, language and traditions of all ethnic groups of our republic. There are more than 100 national schools, 170 Sunday schools, where 23 native languages are taught. There are 29 departments for studying 12 native languages in three schools of national revival. The Government provides 12 million tenge annually for financial support to these schools. In addition, they receive assistance from the local budget.

The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan contributes to the growth of international prestige of Kazakhstan as a country that effectively addresses issues of interethnic relations. The APK assists state bodies in countering manifestations of extremism and radicalism in society, as well as in forming a political and legal culture of citizens based on democratic norms.

The activity of the Assembly is highly appreciated by the international community: during his time as UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, who paid a visit to our country, called Kazakhstan an example of interethnic harmony, stable, steady development for other states of the world. Pope John Paul II, who visited Kazakhstan, also spoke highly of the Kazakh people.

Mangistau people make a worthy contribution to the Assembly. Members of the Assembly of our region take active part in all spheres of life. Ethnocultural and non-governmental associations are actively supported, educational work with youth aimed at strengthening of interethnic and interfaith harmony is activated.

On August 12, 2018, a majestic building consisting of three blocks – Friendship House opened its doors, reminiscent of a floating golden eagle, symbolizing the strength of the State, its sovereignty and independence, the desire for high goals and a sustainable future.

All ethnocultural associations working in our field are located here. For their convenience there is a concert hall, offices for all ethno-cultural associations and Sunday schools, a mediation center, a museum of Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, an association "Public consent" and youth organization Zhas Kanat, a costume store.

Thus, representatives of different nations and nationalities were united under a single shanyrak under the auspices of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Shanyrak is a symbol of association, that's why Kazakhs, when they make bata - and these are wishes of old people - say "shanyragyn shaykalmasyn" - let the dome of your yurt be strong, unshakeable. This means: let peace, friendship and brotherhood reign in the family. In the national consciousness, worldview of Kazakhs ‘shanyrak’ is ‘home’, ‘family’, ‘generation’, in the spiritual and philosophical sense, it is a symbol of the hearth, the continuation of family, traditions and education, spiritual closeness.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all Kazakhstanis: "Shanyragyn Biik, Bosagan Berik Bolsyn."

Ayzan Khatayeva,

Member of APK Mothers' Council,

Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural

Vainakh Association, Mangistau region

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