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26 March, 2020


Capital and regional APK distribute masks free of charge

March 16-19, under the charitable action "Biz Birgemiz!" members of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Nur-Sultan held an action on distribution of medical masks to the residents of the capital, large families, and also to the elderly.

Volunteers, representatives of ethno-cultural associations and the Mothers Council of city Assembly distributed a total of 3500 masks.

Nowadays the charitable action continues.

In connection with the emergency situation in the country, measures have been taken to protect the population in all regions. The demand for medical masks has increased over the past five days. However, pharmacies are unable to provide for the entire population.

Therefore, the residents of Atyrau region have decided to unite. During the last three days, volunteers have sewn more than 500 masks and distributed them free of charge to people with disabilities, elderly people and families with many children. Representatives of 15 ethnocultural associations of APK Atyrau region announced that they plan to sew and distribute more than 50 masks daily.

Volunteers from the youth movement of APK Zhangyry Zholy in Issatai district have already started this work. Within a few days, more than 180 masks were sewn with their own hands and distributed to villagers and public sector workers. From 5 to 10 masks each. The initiative of young people will be continued in the future.

Meanwhile, volunteers from the APK’s Volunteer Movement Center in Kostanay region became assistants to urban polyclinics.

The activists have responded to the call of medical institutions for help in distribution of free medicines to pensioners and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

"We received a call from polyclinic No. 4 with the request to help in distribution of medicines. Of course, we could not refuse, because the current situation with coronavirus in our country, and in the whole world, simply does not allow to sit at home when people need our help. The doctors simply do not have the strength and ability to deliver the medicines themselves, the patients themselves cannot come to the clinic because of the restrictions imposed against quarantine. We have masked ourselves and shipped the medication to ten addresses today. We will continue our work tomorrow, perhaps with another outpatient clinic," said Anastasia Pushkaryova, chairman of APK’s Volunteer Movement Centre.

Volunteers of Semey Friendship House distributed medical masks to the city residents. Semey Medical University Rector Yersyn Zhununusov handed over 500 masks to volunteers of the Ethno-cultural Centres of the Friendship House.


"Medical University Semey has its own sewing shop, which today is fully focused on the production of reusable masks. They are intended, first of all, for university staff and doctors and medical personnel of the University Hospital. But we have to help everyone," he said.

Volunteers of the APK Antonina Klinovitskaya, Yadviga Radionova, Olga Ushakova and Maria Gorbacheva promptly handed out masks to citizens, reminding them of preventive measures.

In Ust-Kamenogorsk, the action under the name "Our Power in Unity" started, within the limits of which volunteers of assembly of people of Kazakhstan of East Kazakhstan region help the residents "to resist" the coronavirus.

Having taken part in a master class on manufacture of medical masks, conducted by entrepreneur Tileuzhan Sailauuly, young people began to master means of individual protection with their own hands. The material for work, namely a special fabric, was also donated by the businessman.

The volunteers distributed ready-made masks to the citizens, reminding them how important it is to take care of their health, to observe hygiene and try to visit places of mass gathering as rarely as possible.

The residents were sincerely grateful to the volunteers for taking care of them.

"Today we need to pay special attention to the state of our health and in no case ignore preventive measures. I would like to express gratitude to the volunteers for not being indifferent to the situation and helping us to protect ourselves and our loved ones," said a resident of the city.

We earnestly ask people not to give in to panic and believe only official sources of information. Observe all preventive measures.

Kyzylorda regional assembly of people of Kazakhstan started sewing masks as a means against coronavirus. Provision is made for the free distribution of masks to low-income and large families.

The charitable action, organized with a view of prevention of coronavirus on the eve of Nauryz holiday, is supported in the region by patrons of art, activists of "Zhangyru Zholy" and volunteers.

Members of the regional APK have purchased fabric and are independently engaged in sewing masks. Over 500 medical masks are handed out daily.

The state of emergency requires that citizens pay special attention to vulnerable groups of the population: the elderly, the poor, and those with many children. How do all the Kazakhstani actions "Give a helping hand" and "Birgemiz" take place in Akmola region.

"Less Talk More Action" under such motto the head of the volunteer center of Akmola Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Umar Shonazarov got used to work. The activist emphasizes that in Akmola region there is no any volunteer organization which would work only with old people. But the volunteers still do not leave the elderly without attention.

"We went to the veterans, took lists, found out their problems. Now we're sending volunteers with medication. Volunteers are also collecting lists of old people in need of our help. We're preparing food kits, medication and masks for them. As soon as the lists of old people are ready, we will provide them with medicines, food and antiseptics," said Umar Shonazarov.

In Kokshetau, he said, the volunteers have helped two veterans of the Great Patriotic War to purchase expensive medicines more than once, because their pension simply does not suffice for that.

"Our volunteers will also help elderly people who live alone. In addition, another disabled girl approached us for help, she gave birth to a child with health complications," added Umar Shonazarov.

Karaganda: Members of Mothers Council sewed masks, and the youth of the APK helped to distribute them.

At the weekend, representatives of Karaganda regional headquarters of the youth movement "Zhangyru Zholy" and volunteers held an action to distribute medical masks to residents of the city. Due to the emergency situation in the country, the demand for protective equipment has increased in recent days. There is a shortage of masks in pharmacies, and they are practically unable to provide the entire population.

Members of the Mothers Council of the regional APK purchased fabric, sewed masks, and young volunteers went out to the streets of the city to distribute them, while reminding the citizens of the preventive measures.

"The current situation with pandemic in our country, and in the whole world, simply does not allow to sit at home. Volunteers at such a difficult time take the initiative and help fellow countrymen. Today, we also distributed masks to bus drivers. Workers of public transport are one of the most vulnerable groups, as they are in daily contact with many people. We will continue this work," said the volunteers.

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