Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

14 February, 2020


Modern conflict management methods and negotiation styles discussed in Almaty

ALMATY - A seminar on "Modern methods of conflict management and negotiation styles" discussed in the Friendship House.

The seminar was conducted by the Head of the Mediation Cabinet of the Republican House of Friendship of Qogamdyk Kelisim Municipal State Enterprise under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professional mediator N. Altekova and the President of the International Human Rights Centre Zh. Zhakupov.

"Institutions of mediation are one of the ways in which the legal culture of people can develop and be effectively addressed through dialogue. Currently, this mission is in the competence of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. We hope that this seminar will help us peacefully resolve any contentious issues in maintaining stability in the country," Altekova said.

With the adoption of the Law "On Mediation", the activities of International Human Rights Center have received new relevant directions - providing services to mediators and conducting training sessions on training mediators, conducting business negotiations, conflict management and explaining current legislation. In March 2019, the School for training professional mediators was opened.

During the seminar the participants received new knowledge about conflict management methods, also during the seminar they used negotiation styles. As a result, certificates were issued to each participant.

The International human Rights Center was created on the initiative of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and has been successfully operating for 15 years. The Center provides legal services and free legal consultations to the population of our Republic to improve their legal literacy and culture.

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