Republican campaign "Ak oramal" started on August 1 in the area of ​​the House of Friendship in Pavlodar.

Supporting the Manifest "Peace. XXI Century " of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev at the IV Summit on Nuclear Security in Washington, DC, the mothers Council, women of Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan were in favor of peace, wisdom and dialogue, for the complete liberation of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

''Ak oramal'' is translated as "white scarf" and has a deep philosophical meaning in the history of the Kazakhs.

White is a symbol of purity of thought and soul; it is a symbol of motherhood - the color of mother's milk - the basis of human life; it is a symbol of honor - honesty, loyalty and a word of chastity.

"Ak oramal" is an ancient custom of reconciliation (peace enforcement): when a woman exposes her head, and throws her handkerchief between the conflicting parties, so the conflict stops.

All performances of women participants of the event - whether it was a deputy or a young mother, a journalist or a director had one in common: we need to think about the future of our children, grandchildren, so we need to combine our efforts, of all women in multinational country and millions of people all over the world, to avoid mistakes of the past, keep the peace, tranquility and stability.

The symbol of the expression of desires and hopes of all the assembled women were white balloons launched into the sky.

On the assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar region Chairman of the Board of mothers Maksilova B.Sh. handed over to representatives of councils mothers white handkerchiefs – as a part of a single white headscarf, a symbol of purity of thought, motherhood symbol and the basis of humanity. It should trigger the action "Ak oramal" in cities and regions, consolidate all the inhabitants of our region, regardless of ethnic origin, social, religious or other affiliation ideas around the world through their participation in the action "Ak oramal".

Orumbaev A.A.,

Head of department on work with IVF

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