Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

13 February, 2020


Round table held on Kazakhstan model and inter-confessional consent

ALMATY - A round table on theme: "Kazakhstan model of interethnic and interconfessional consent", devoted to 25th anniversary of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, within the limits of which the role of Assembly in development of Independent Kazakhstan is explained to student youth.

For 25 years the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan harmoniously involved all Kazakh ethnic groups and religious confessions in state construction. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has successfully integrated into the political system of the state, having formed its unique course of national unity, the organizers note.

Kazbek Mamsurov, member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Almaty, said, "The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan plays a very important role in the development of a modern multi-ethnic state".

In the work of the round table were also considered the questions of history of origin of Assembly, the idea of its creation, status, structure, aims and tasks of education, the role and models of Nazarbayev as public and national consent in formation of civil identity, modern tendencies in formation of bases of modernization of public consciousness, and also methodological approaches to study of history of native land and features of development of Kazakhstan identity.

Within the limits of the round table the book exhibition is organized.

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