Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

01 April, 2020


Vitaly Tvarionas: The call for discipline during state of emergency is understood by all Kazakhstanis

Yesterday's address of the President to the citizens of the country deeply touched me. First of all, these are not simple words of excitement and worry for every citizen in this difficult period. At the same time, it is a confidence that we will calmly survive this trial.

The social programmes offered by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and First President - Elbasy are fully operational. Support for small and medium-sized businesses, deferral of loan payments, payment to the unemployed and support for the poor. This is what we see. The monopoly committee and local authorities do not let those who still want to make money raise prices. The call to observe calmness and discipline is understood by all Kazakhstanis, because we are one family. We are united, we are together! Biz birgemiz.

Vitaly Tvarionas,

Member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan,

Chairman of the Lithuanian ethno-cultural

Karaganda region association “Lituanika”

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