Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

18 February, 2020


50 couples danced waltz in Almaty

ALMATY - Kazakhstan Waltz largest flash mob has set a record. Last weekend a flash mob "Kazakhstan Waltz" was organized with 50 dancing couples in one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers of the city.

This event was organized by "Kazakh Russian Cultural Center" of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Among the participants were representatives of urban ethno-cultural associations, who also had the opportunity to demonstrate their creative abilities.

"The waltz is one of the most romantic and favorite dances, uniting generations. Everyone who spins in the waltz, this extraordinary dance really plunges into a state of euphoria. The dance of heart and soul is not just a dance, but an entire culture that contributes to the right upbringing of youth," said Rustam Kayriyev, a member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

The citywide flash mob was held within the 25th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the Year of Volunteers in the Republic. A master class was organized for those wishing to learn to dance with experienced teachers of dance studios.


At the end of the holiday, each participant of flash mob received a certificate of participation in the unique event from the Kazakhstan Book of Records and confirming the Certificate. Thus, the relay was transferred to Almaty region.

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